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Legerity Joins Forces with VoicePump on Advanced Reference Board Optimized for Packet-Voice Applications

Mar 21, 2001

Legerity's Am79R70 Ringing SLIC Provides Cost-Effective Line Interface for VoicePump's VP140 DSP-Based Solution for VoDSL and VoIP Equipment

AUSTIN, TX and PHOENIX, AZ — March 21, 2001 — Legerity, the proven communication IC company, today announced that it will provide ringing subscriber's line interface circuits (SLIC) for a voice over broadband (VoB) reference board developed by VoicePump, a DSP Group (NASDAQ: DSPG) subsidiary.

The advanced reference board -- which combines VoicePump's four-port VP140 mixed-signal digital signal processor (DSP) with four Legerity Am79R70 Ringing SLICs and other discrete devices -- will provide an integrated, turnkey solution that speeds the time to market and reduces the cost for voice over digital subscriber line (VoDSL), voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) and other packet-voice equipment. The reference board was announced at the Voice on the Net (VON) conference in Phoenix this week.

"Legerity has an expertise in voice communications and an established understanding of broadband networks," said Didier Boivin, chief executive officer at VoicePump. "Together, our companies can offer complementary technologies that provide optimized solutions for voice-over-broadband equipment manufacturers, allowing them to create cost-effective low- to medium-density voice gateways and integrated access devices (IADs)."

Legerity's Am79R70 Ringing SLIC is a high-voltage, bipolar device that supports on-chip ringing and battery switching for short-loop and "loopless" VoB applications, such as IADs. The Ringing SLIC's integrated capabilities minimize power consumption and help reduce system cost and component count by eliminating the need for separate, on-board generators and relays.

"VoicePump is among the industry's premier voice over broadband innovators, and we are very pleased that they have chosen our Ringing SLIC as an integral part of their VP140 DSP-based reference board," said Ron Van Dell, CEO of Legerity. "We consider VoicePump to be a strong ally in the race to deliver next-generation, toll-quality solutions for voice over broadband. Going forward, we hope that the combination of VoicePump and Legerity technologies will be a key enabler for broadband networks that leverage VoDSL and packet-voice applications."

The VP140-based board supports toll-quality voice and performs all voiceband processing required for VoDSL applications that comply with DSL Forum TR-036 Annex A Broadband Loop Emulation Services (BLES).

About the Legerity SLC Family

A pioneer in bipolar SLIC technology and the inventor of the Ringing SLIC, Legerity has shipped more than 150 million SLIC devices to date. Legerity offers the industry's broadest SLIC portfolio, with more than 30 devices optimized for long-loop and short-loop applications, including traditional voice applications in central offices (COs), digital loop carriers (DLCs), and private branch exchanges (PBXs), as well as broadband applications, such as VoDSL, IADs, integrated data + voice, cable telephony, wireless local loop, and optical networks. The Legerity SLIC family supports standard BORSCHT functions (battery feed, over-voltage protection, ringing, signaling, coding, hybrid, and testing), as well as key power management technologies, including thermal management, battery switching, and switching regulation.

About the VoicePump VP100 Family

VoicePump's new VP100 series integrates DSP Group's TeakLite™ DSP core with all requisite peripherals to perform four-packet voice channels on a single processor: program/data memory, host processor interface, analog front end, and analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters. The VP100 family also integrates the necessary DSP firmware to perform all the important DSP functions, including speech compression and decompression, echo cancellation and associated telephony signaling functions.

About VoicePump

VoicePump, Inc., specializes in speech coding and telecom algorithms for VoIP, VoDSL and other voice-over-packet applications developed for voice-gateway and customer-premise-equipment manufacturers and broadband-network providers. VoicePump was founded in 1993 as Analogical Systems, having changed its name to VoicePump in November 1999. VoicePump became a wholly owned subsidiary of DSP Group Inc. in 2001. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif. and has offices in Schaumburg, Ill. and Israel.

About DSP Group

DSP Group, Inc., is a global leader in the development and marketing of high-performance, cost-effective, licensable digital signal processing cores. The company's family of DSP cores provides ideal solutions for low-power, cost-driven applications, such as cellular, broadband communications, VoIP, multimedia, advanced telecommunication systems, disk-drive controllers and many other types of embedded-control applications. By combining its DSP core technologies with its proprietary, advanced speech-processing algorithms, DSP Group also delivers a wide range of enabling, application-specific ICs for full-featured integrated telephony products and applications, including 900MHz/2.4GHz wireless technologies. DSP Group maintains an international presence with offices located around the globe. Additional information about DSP Group is available on the World Wide Web at

About Legerity, Inc.

Legerity is the proven communication integrated circuit (IC) company providing system solutions that accelerate the deployment of integrated voice and data networks. Legerity combines IC design expertise and unique process technology with global applications support for leading communication OEMs worldwide. Visit Legerity on the Web at

Statements contained in this release concerning the visibility and future growth of DSPG business and the introduction, timing of release and success of the products mentioned herein may constitute forward-looking statements. These statements involve certain risks and uncertainties such as acceptance of DSP Group's and VoicePump's new products by existing OEM customers and potential customers, DSP Group's ability to integrate the operations of VoicePump, and VoicePump's and Legerity's ability to develop and produce its new products at competitive costs. All forward-looking statements are made pursuant to the Safe-Harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Other risks and uncertainties with respect to these statements are outlined in DSP Group's Annual and Quarterly Reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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