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EuPhonics Licenses Complete PC 98 Audio Solution

Oct 9, 1997

Supports Concurrent DirectX Audio API Acceleration on DSP Group's PineDSPCore®

Boulder, Colorado, October 9, 1997 - EuPhonics, Incorporated ( announced today that it has ported its SoundCore™ suite of technology for music synthesis and audio effects to DSP Group's PineDSPCore architecture. EuPhonics' SoundCore technology, running on DSP Group's PineDSPCore, provides a complete and fully concurrent PC 98 multimedia audio solution for semiconductor manufacturers who aspire to enter the audio accelerator IC ( integrated circuit) business.

As a flag product for personal computer manufacturers, the Entertainment PC must offer the consumer a no-compromise experience - an experience defined by fully concurrent support for Microsoft's Direct Sound, DirectSound 3D and DirectMusic audio application program interfaces (APIs). To achieve this concurrency, hardware acceleration is required. This package comprising EuPhonics' SoundCore technology and the DSP Group's PineDSPCore provides a no-compromise experience through concurrent acceleration of all these DirectX audio functions.

DirectX Audio API Concurrency and Acceleration

" There has been significant progress among software applications companies in exploiting the DirectX audio APIs," said Will Strauss President of Forward Concepts, Tempe AZ, a market research firm specializing in digital signal processors and multimedia. " The best-of-the-class PCs in the home in 1998 will host applications that require concurrent execution of DirectMusic for Music. DirectSound3D for positional audio, and DirectSound for Sound effects of Windows system events. To burden the host CPU with these processing chores will slow graphics and video performance. DirectX audio API concurrency requires acceleration from a dedicated accelerator embedded in the audio IC. EuPhonics has proven intellectual property ready to license for these DirectX audio API concurrency requirements."

" Acceleration and concurrency should be in high demand as the Entertainment PC emerges. We are pleased that EuPhonics has chosen to offer its SoundCore suite on DSP Group's PineDSPCore," said Irving Gold, Vice President, DSP Core Technologies for DSP Group, Inc. " EuPhonics offers the audio semiconductor manufacturer a comprehensive, low-risk solution that will speed delivery to the market."


The SongbirdÔ 3D PCI Audio accelerator chip from VLSI Technology, Inc. represents the best-of-class capabilities enabled by EuPhonics SoundCoreÔ running on the PineDSPCore. Songbird3DÔ is the industry's first PCI audio integrated circuit product announced to concurrently accelerate interactive 3D positioning, music synthesis, sound effects playback, and special audio signal processing such as reverb and chorus. Consumers will require this concurrency for interactive gaming in 1998.

Low Risk/Rapid Market Entry

" Semiconductor companies entering the audio IC market need low risk, rapid entry programs that deliver compelling products," said EuPhonics President and CEO, Dr. Jeffrey Barish. The combination of DSP Group hardware and EuPhonics software fills the needs of those semiconductor manufacturers. Additionally, the engineering economics of a DirectX, API accelerator are significant. An audio accelerator block and its companion audio processing software can do the audio processing job of a Pentium-class CPU at small fraction of the cost."

A Description of the Technologies

PineDSPCore is a 16-bit general purpose low-power, low-voltage and high speed Digital Signal Processing (DSP) core designed for speech/audio processing, telecommunications, digital cellular and embedded control applications.

EuPhonics' SoundCore is the most complete suite of technology for music synthesis and audio effects available today. It provides wavetable synthesis, companion sample sets, Sound Blaster compatibility, including emulation of FM synthesis, stereo spatial enhancements, 3D positioning, reverberation and other audio effects.

About EuPhonics, Inc.

EuPhonics, Inc., of Boulder, Colorado, develops software that drives the hardware of major companies in the multimedia and music synthesis industries. Founded in 1987, EuPhonics licenses music synthesis and audio effects software to volume manufacturers of integrated circuits, sound cards, computers, consumer electronics, and games. Companies with which EuPhonics has collaborated include Analog Devices, Digidesign, DSP Group, Emu, Lexicon, Roland, S3, VLSI Technologies, and Yamaha.

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