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Ensigma Ltd. Develops AC-3 Decoder Software on DSP Group's OAKDSPCORE

Chepstow UK, 15 April 1998 - Ensigma announced today the completion of it's Dolby AC-3 decoder implementation for DSP Group's OakDSPCoreÒ . Steven Roberts at Ensigma said "We are the only company we are aware of to be offering a Dolby qualified solution for the OakDSPCore". Clifford Parris, head of the coding group, said "our initial offering is a sub 40 MIPS class C decoder for cost effective, low power consumer applications such as portable DVD decoders". "Further optimisation of the software will be ongoing during 1998 with the possibility of a class A implementation in around 55 MIPS", Parris continued.

"We are delighted to have Ensigma support our OakDSPCore by implementing the AC-3 decoder for the core," said Irving Gold, vice president for marketing and sales, core technology for DSP Group. "Multimedia, MPEG and DVD are ‘hot' markets today. By using Ensigma's AC-3 implementation designers will be able to reduce the development time and bring products into these markets quickly and effectively."

The following tables summarises Ensigma's AC-3 decoder implementation for the OakDSPCore:

Features and Benefits

  • Full downmix options including 6:2
  • Conforms to OAK C environment.
  • Full test harness supplied for OAK simulator.
  • Full documentation.
  • Source code available.
  • The Ensigma implementation is fully compliant with the ATSC Digital Audio Compression (AC-3) standard.
  • The implementation has been tested by Dolby Laboratories and was awarded a C classification.

Processor and System Requirements

  • Program memory (ROM): 9K words
  • Data memory (ROM): 5.5K words
  • Data memory (XRAM): 9K words (6 channels of output)
  • Data memory (YRAM): 1K
  • MIPS loading
  • 39.5 Worst case on test vectors
  • 36.7 Average on music (5.1 channels)
Ensigma is the leading European commercial company in speech and signal processing. In-house facilities also cater for hardware designs at the PCB level, as well as customised FPGAs and ASICs. Our clientele of global enterprises has repeatedly proved Ensigma's leadership in DSP implementation. Since its incorporation in 1986, Ensigma Ltd has made dramatic progress to become a leading supplier of research, design and implementation expertise in advanced speech and data communication systems. The company, located in Chepstow, UK, has applied its experience to audio broadcast and telecommunication systems specialising in highly optimised DSP implementation of state-of-the-art algorithms.

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Clifford Parris
Ensigma Ltd.
Turing House, Station Road Chepstow, NP6 5PB, UK
Tel: 44 1291 625 422
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