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Endeavor Intertech Releases New Processor and Co-Simulating Model for DSP Group's PalmDSPCore

Apr 10, 2001

New Tools Based on PalmDSPCore Architecture Dramatically Reduce Co-Simulation Costs

HILLSBORO, Oregon and SANTA CLARA, California, April 10, 2001 – Endeavor Intertech Corporation, an innovative developer of high performance processors, co-simulation interfaces and tools for hardware and software verification, and DSP Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: DSPG), a leading developer and marketer of high-performance, cost-effective, licensable digital signal processing cores, today announced the release of Precyse Palm™ processor model and CoOperate™ HDL simulator interface for DSP Group's PalmDSPCore® DSP architecture. Together, these two products provide co-simulation capabilities that rival other conventional co-simulation products on the market for as little as 20% of the cost of traditional per-seat licenses.

Endeavor Intertech's Precyse Palm is a cycle-precise, high performance DSP model, which can be licensed by itself as a software developer's tool, or together with CoOperate as a co-simulation tool. By itself, Precyse Palm executes about 120,000 operations per second, while maintaining bus, pin, and clock cycle uniformity with the hardware. Moreover, it does so for each of the eight busses as well as the powerful parallel instruction-set that make up the PalmDSPCore architecture.

"The unique requirements of algorithm design on a powerful DSP like PalmDSPCore necessitate an accurate model—otherwise the timing of critical loops might be left in question," said Dan Budge, Chief Technology Officer of Endeavor Intertech. "The complexity of the PalmDSPCore made it imperative that we fully verify our Precyse model against the golden RTL results—for both functionality and timing. Software developers can have the confidence of knowing this model is 100% cycle-accurate, and will simulate loop and other critical sections of code precisely as the hardware will."

CoOperate transforms the Precyse Palm DSP processor model into a co-simulating model. This co-simulating model can be easily incorporated into a hardware design to provide instant co-simulation, without adding yet another tool to the tool chain. CoOperate provides full synchronization between the Precyse model and the HDL simulator, while supplying a high throughput communication pipeline between the two. CoOperate enables multiple instantiations of the model in a design, offers full symbolic debugging capability through DSP Group's own symbolic debugger interface, and connects to most popular Verilog and VHDL hardware simulators.

"With Endeavor's PalmDSPCore products, software development can be brought into parallel with the hardware development," said Eyal Ben-Avraham, DSP Group's VP of Development Tools & Software Support. "Both development teams are guaranteed the same correct results, because they can use the same model. The accuracy of the model allows the hardware team to co-verify with additional intellectual property in the design. The speed of the model enables the software team to develop drivers and test unmodified applications. The result is a market-ready product in less time."

PalmDSPCore designers who seek a cost effective, simple-to-use co-simulation solution will find CoOperate and Precyse Palm well suited to their needs. Together, the two tools enable co-simulation with performance of about 1500 cycles per second, when fully communicating with a hardware simulator.

PalmDSPCore is the top-of-the-line generation of DSP Group's licensable cores in the company's SmartCores™ family. Its target markets are third generation (3G) cellular handsets, broadband communication devices, Voice over IP gateways and consumer multimedia products. The PalmDSPCore, a fully synthesizable 'soft core', is process-independent and can be easily implemented using any ASIC and process libraries.

PalmDSPCore is a low-power consumption processor implementing dual MAC parallel architecture that has seven computation units working in parallel. It has three instruction-set categories of single, parallel and multi-parallel instructions, providing cutting-edge DSP performance, such as 2 cycles for complex FFT butterfly, while maintaining a very condense program size.

Endeavor Intertech's Precyse Palm models are available immediately on Windows, Linux and Sun workstations. CoOperate for the PalmDSPCore can be bundled with Precyse Palm. Please contact Endeavor for more information on the cost of the products.

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