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DSP Group’s ULE to Drive Low Power Connectivity in LEEDARSON Smart Products

Feb 28, 2017
Embedded IoT technology enables secured connection, low-energy consumption and long-range connectivity for smart lighting, thermostats and sensors

BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 28, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DSP Group®, Inc. (NASDAQ:DSPG), a leading global provider of wireless chipset solutions for converged communications, announced today that Internet of Things (IoT) frontrunner LEEDARSON has selected DSP Group’s DHAN-S module for battery-operated and AC-powered IoT products. This turnkey platform will be integrated into LEEDARSON lighting solutions, security and intelligent lighting controls and sensing and communication systems. Specializing in smart, energy-saving technologies, LEEDARSON required a SoC solution that could provide high-quality computational power while still operating efficiently in a low-energy mode. By embedding DSP Group’s ULE technology for smart devices and home area network (HAN) applications, LEEDARSON will be able to unlock new opportunities where low cost, long-battery lifetime and interference-free, long-range coverage is desired.

“We work within many IoT communication standards, and were delighted to find how beneficial building our applications within ULE could be for our customers. It’s proven to be an ideal standard for home automation and security, energy management and climate control,” said John Liu, VP of Engineering, IoT Product Line at LEEDARSON. “Our products need to run on interference-free frequency bands and have long-range, secured connection, which DSP Group’s technology provides. By integrating the DHAN-S module, we will be able to build some of our safest, strongest, and most energy efficient offering with the quickest time to market.”

DSP Group’s DHAN-S ULE module is built using its DHX91 chipset and is designed to easily work with even the smallest smart home nodes. The module serves as either a wireless connectivity channel for any application running on an external microcontroller unit (MCU) or it can act as a standalone solution with the DHX91 internal ARM926® processor that controls smart device hibernation features. These options allow operators to achieve extremely long battery runtimes and more advanced functionality than most smart devices on the market, which continue to drain power at alarming rates.

“We are excited to work with LEEDARSON to extend the ULE ecosystem and provide their designers with an easy-to-deploy module for their new ULE-based applications,” said Tali Chen, Corporate Vice President, Corporate Development at DSP Group. “ULE is rapidly growing in popularity as more and more service providers recognize the richness of this standard, making it the ideal for a wide range of IoT applications. We see that adoption is on the rise as we continue to enable more and more market-leading companies to build within ULE using our advanced embedded technologies.”

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