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DSP Group Unveils Industry's First Low-Cost VoIP Co-Processor

New Cutting-Edge CT8022 DSP, Features ITU-T Standard-Based Compression Technology For Fast Emerging Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Voice over Network (VON) Applications

August 26, 1999, Santa Clara, CA, USA – DSP Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: DSPG), a global leader in the development and marketing of high-performance, cost-effective digital processing cores and associated digital speech technology, today unveiled its brand new CT8022 DSP, featuring the industry's first low-cost, low-power VoIP co-processor, targeted at the fast emerging Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Voice Over Network (VON) applications.

"Providing all the necessary elements for building a variety of VoIP / VON applications, CT8022 is ideal for any type of appliance for communication over IP-based networks, offering a smooth extension path anywhere in the world via LAN/WAN/Internet. CT8022 further leverages DSP Group's already strong position in the VoIP / VON speech processor marketplace providing a low cost version for price sensitive applications, while still utilizing an ITU-T standard speech coder, allowing interoperability with widely deployed VoIP systems," said Victor Koretsky, Director of Marketing & Business Development of VoIP at DSP Group.

In addition to the ITU-T standards, G.723.1 and G.729A+B (8 Kbps) – an optional Speech Coder for H.323 video and voice conferencing – the CT8022 also provides DSP Group's industry-standard TrueSpeech® Coder (8.5 Kbps) built into Microsoft® Windows® 95/98/NT and standard G.711 PCM coders. Any Speech Coder can be used in full duplex mode simultaneously with acoustical echo cancellation for full duplex speakerphone applications, as well as, telephony signal detection and generation. Smart, dynamic, power management further reduces current consumption in accordance with the computational power required for running any particular task on a chip.

CT8022 is an important step forward, propelling the industry towards interoperability of VoIP / VON applications while extending them to the mass communications market. Fully compatible with other members of DSP Group's CT8000 Family of Speech Processors, the CT8022 further extends DSP Group's offering of cost-effective, integrated speech processors such as: CT8020 G.723.1 Speech Processor (G.723.1/TrueSpeech® 8.5/G.711) and CT8021 Multi-CODER Speech Processor (G.723.1/G.728/G.729A+B/G.722/G.711/TrueSpeech® 8.5.

CT8022A11AQC in a small footprint 128-pin PQFP package costs below $7 (100K). Samples are available now and have already been shipped to several key customers committed to using the devices in their current and future products.

About DSP Group, Inc.

DSP Group, Inc. is a global leader in the development and marketing of high-performance, cost-effective Digital Signal Processing (DSP) solutions for consumer telephone, internet telephony, and speech processing industries. By combining three key technologies – digital signal processors, speech compression algorithms and telephony algorithms – the company delivers a wide range of integrated circuit products and technologies to manufacturers of telephones, computers and consumer electronics. DSP Group's headquarters are located in Santa Clara, California and the company maintains an affiliate presence around the world.

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Information Contact:
Victor Koretsky
Director of Marketing & Business
Development of VoIP
DSP Group, Inc.