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DSP Group Releases Powerful TeakLite™/OakDSPCore® Development Tools

New TeakLite/OakDSPCore V8.0 Debugger Incorporates All Features of Previous Versions Yet Highlighted by a Wide Range of New, Enhanced Features Such As Improved GUI and Customizable DLLs

April 30th, 1999, Santa Clara, CA, USA, – DSP Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: DSPG), a leader in the development and marketing of high-performance, cost-effective digital processing cores and associated digital speech technology, announced today the release of its V.8.0 TeakLite / OakDSPCore set of SW Development Tools. One of the highlights of this release is a new powerful Debugger with enhanced features. While incorporating all the features of previous Debugger versions – the V8.0 Debugger also offers a wide range of new and improved, powerful enhancements geared to promote fast time-to-market IC product development.

According to Issachar Ohana, Director of DSP Core Licensing for DSP Group, "The new TeakLite / OakDSPCore Debugger version's modular design, enables the user to extend the built-in simulator for complete system simulation while fully customizing its hardware interface in able to work with its own hardware, while easily synchronizing with other Debuggers in order to perform multi-core debugging. In addition, the new Debugger has a new GUI look with many enhancements making the debugging session more user-friendly. Supporting paging in simulation and emulation modes, the Debugger provides better C/C++ language support and a host of other new and improved features focussed on helping clients develop their DSP products with a fast time-to-market curve.".

Mr. Ohana concluded, "Our new V8.0 SW development tools reflect DSP Group's on-going commitment and dedication to continual R&D and advancement in our DSP core product and technology lines, as well as adhering to our vision of maintaining our reputation as a leading global provider of DSP core products and DSP core development technologies. "

With the addition of brand new features for easier integration, DSP Group's V8.0 Debugger is also directed at DSP Group's EDA company partners engaged in developing SW/HW Co-Verification Tools. Additionally, improved system peripheral modeling around the core, enables software engineers to develop applications parallel to ASIC design.

TeakLite / OakDSPCore V8.0 Debugger Highlights

  • Modular architecture that enables full customization
    • New user-customizable Hardware Interface DLL
    • New user-customizable Debugger Control DLL for Multi-Core Debugging
    • Enhanced user-customizable Simulator Extension DLL
  • New and Improved GUI:
    • Floating popup menus
    • Data tips for quick watch
    • Multiple views display.
  • Improved C/C++ language support
  • Improved watch window support
  • Improved breakpoints support, enables counted and conditional breakpoints
  • Output window for displaying application output
  • Functions call stack window that enables tracking of C/C++ applications
  • Paging support over the DSPCore increasing potential application size
  • More accurate cycle count due to dedicated pipeline modeling
  • Enhanced graphical display of data
  • Enhanced application profiler
The new V8.0 SW Development Tools release also includes:
  • Highly optimized C/C++ Compiler (V1.7)
  • Full set of C libraries including IEEE floating point emulation, special fast floating point emulation
  • Macro assembler and linker
  • Selection of Utility COFF Converters.

About DSP Group, Inc.

DSP Group, Inc. is a global leader in the development and marketing of high-performance, cost-effective Digital Signal Processing (DSP) solutions for consumer telephone, Internet telephony and speech processing industries. By combining three key technologies – digital signal processors, speech compression algorithms and telephony algorithms – the company delivers a wide range of integrated circuit products and technologies to manufacturers of telephones, computers and consumer electronics. DSP Group's headquarters are located in Santa Clara, California and the company maintains an affiliate presence around the world.

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OakDSPCore is a registered trademark of DSP Group, Inc. TeakLite is a trademark of DSP Group, Inc. All other products or service names herein are trademarks of their respective owners.

For more information, contact:
Issachar Ohana
Director, DSP Core Licensing
Tel: 0972-9-952-9618