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DSP Group Introduces VoPKey(TM), a Complete Voice-over-Packet Design Available for Licensing

Dec 3, 2001
SANTA CLARA, Calif., Dec 3, 2001 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- DSP Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: DSPG), the leader in the development and licensing of high-performance, low-power, digital-signal-processor (DSP) cores, today introduced its VoPKey(TM), a licensable design that offers a complete solution for Voice-over-Packet (VoP) applications. The new design, ready to license, is targeted to the residential gateway and small/medium-sized enterprise markets. Licensees of DSP Group's VoPKey design will be able to offer a highly integrated System-on-a-Chip (SoC) for applications such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Voice over Digital Subscriber Line (VoDSL) and Voice Over Cable.

Today's news follows DSP Group's October 1 announcement that the company had unveiled a digital still camera solution incorporating its Teak(R) programmable DSP core and software from its strategic partner MEICOM Technologies. The recent move to extend DSP Group's licensing model is part of the company's new OpenKey(TM) application solution family program, in which DSP Group will offer customers total solutions for emerging DSP-based applications. The company will also continue with the successful licensing of its DSP cores.

The new licensable VoPKey design, available now, is a complete hardware and software design capable of handling up to four full-duplex, echo-cancelled VoP channels. The offering, based on DSP Group's TeakLite(R) programmable DSP core, incorporates the hardware interfaces and broad DSP software suite required for a complete VoP Integrated Circuit design. As the solution is built around DSP Group's programmable TeakLite DSP core, licensees of VoPKey will have the option to add their own software to enhance and customize their products and to target their solutions to multiple markets.

"Our VoPKey licensable design solution is targeted especially at semiconductor companies and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that plan to enter into the emerging Voice-over-Packet market," said Gideon Wertheizer, executive vice president of DSP Group. "By using our VoPKey design, our licensees can obtain immediate access to VoP markets, while designing, in parallel, highly integrated SoC that take advantage of the VoPKey soft-core design methodology."

The VoPKey solution includes all the required DSP software for speech compression/decompression, echo cancellation and associated telephony-signaling functions. The VoPKey software is an open architecture, allowing customers to add proprietary algorithms or use the design in innovative VoP applications. The hardware design of VoPKey includes interfaces to industry-standard microprocessors (such as PowerPC(R), ARM(R) and MIPS(R)), Analog to Digital Converters, Digital to Analog converters, Time Division Multiplexing ports, as well as general-purpose Input/Output ports.

VoPKey, already available as mass-production chip, comes with complete reference designs developed with leading semiconductor vendors such as NEC, Agere, Intersil and Legerity. Additional reference designs are in development.

"Aiming to facilitate the entry of our customers to emerging DSP applications, we plan to develop and license a series of comprehensive, flexible solutions as part of our OpenKey family," said Bat-Sheva Ovadia, DSP Group's vice president of marketing and business development. "Our earlier digital-camera announcement and now this VoP announcement are just the first of a line of more application-optimized platforms from DSP Group."


The VoPKey licensing solution is available immediately. For further details, customers may contact Issachar Ohana, vice president of sales of the licensing division, at or Regional sales contacts are listed on the company web site: .

About DSP Group, Inc.

DSP Group, Inc., is a global leader in the development and marketing of high-performance, cost-effective, licensable DSP cores. The company's family of DSP cores provides ideal solutions for low-power, cost-effective applications, such as cellular, broadband communications, VoIP, multimedia, advanced telecommunications systems, disk-drive controllers, and other types of embedded-control applications. By combining its DSP core technologies with its proprietary, advanced speech-processing algorithms, DSP Group also delivers a wide range of enabling, application-specific integrated circuits for full-featured, integrated-telephony products and applications, including spread spectrum wireless technologies. DSP Group maintains an international presence with offices located around the globe. More information about DSP Group is available from its Web site at

This press release contains statements that qualify as "forward-looking statements" under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, including statements made by Ms. Ovadia about the Company's long-term strategy to develop and license more comprehensive, flexible solutions and application-optimized platforms, as well as, statements about expansion of the Company's licensing model. These forward-looking statements are based on current expectations and the Company assumes no obligation to update this information. In addition, the events described in these forward-looking statements may not actually arise. The Company's actual results could differ materially from those described in this press release as a result of various factors, including, the acceptance by customers of the VoPKey coprocessor, the Company's ability to develop and license more application-optimized platforms incorporating the Company's technology at cost-effective prices and to add innovative features that differentiate its products from those of its competitors and the general market demand for products that incorporate the Company's digital cordless technology. For further discussion of such factors, see the information provided under the heading "Factors Affecting Future Operating Results" in our quarterly report on Form 10-Q for the quarter ended September 30, 2001, which was filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission and is also available on our Web site ( under Investor Relations.

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