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``DSP Group Interview, Based on 1st Quarter 2003 Conference Call'': A Web Radio Series Featuring Interviews Based on Conference Calls, by

Apr 22, 2003

LOS ANGELES, Apr 22, 2003 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- presents "DSP Group interview, based on 1st quarter 2003 conference call," a web radio show with Yaniv Arieli, President of US Operations of DSP Group (Nasdaq:DSPG). DSP Group, Inc. is a fabless semiconductor company that is a leader in the short-range wireless market.

Guest: Yaniv Arieli, President US Operations
Show host: Francis Gaskins, Editor,

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-- Best Q1 the company ever had
-- 7th sequential quarter of improvement year-over-year
-- Sequential improvement over Q4, 2002


2003 YEAR GUIDANCE INCREASED - annual guidance did not, Q2
-- Sales
-- Gross Profits
-- Profits

-- Talking caller ID, converts text to voice...CES - product
innovative award
-- Backlog for Q2
-- 2.4 and 5.8 gigahertz chip set product family
-- Bluetooth

NEW PRODUCTS in the pipeline
-- Residential wireless communication hub
-- Voice, data, video (multimedia)
-- Expected to be introduced the last half of 2004


Forward Looking Statements

About DSPG

DSP Group, Inc. is a fabless semiconductor company that is a leader in the residential wireless market. By combining its DSP cores technology with advanced RF, communication technology and speech-processing algorithms, DSP Group is a worldwide leader in developing and providing Total Telephony Solutions(R). These applications include digital 900MHz, 2.4GHz, DECT (1.9GHz), 5.8GHz and Bluetooth for voice and data communication in residential, SOHO, SME, enterprise and automotive applications. DSP Group's advanced RF CMOS and communications technology provides the company with a clear path to a Phone-on-a-Chip solution. DSP Group also develops and markets embedded, integrated silicon/software solution for Voice-over-Digital-Subscriber Line (VoDSL), Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) applications, and other Voice over Packet applications for Integrated Access Device (IAD) and IP Phone.

DSP Group
Yaniv Arieli, 408/986-4423
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