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CMX Systems and DSP Group Introduce the CMX-RTX Real-Time Multi-Tasking Operating System for the Teak DSP Core

Nov 30, 2000

Framingham, MA and Santa Clara, CA.- November 30, 2000– CMX Systems and DSP Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: DSPG) today announced the launching of CMX-RTX™ for DSP Group's TeakÒ DSP Core. CMX-RTX is a real-time multi-tasking operating system for Microprocessors, Microcomputers and DSPs that incorporates many powerful features with a very small code size.

"CMX is pleased to expand its Microprocessors and DSP Cores support by introducing CMX-RTX support for the Teak DSP Core. CMX-RTX provides multi-tasking application development capabilities for designers using the Teak DSP Core," stated Chuck Behrman, Chief Executive Officer of CMX Systems. "With its broad array of services CMX-RTX allows faster application development and easier hardware utilization for Teak developers."

"The CMX-RTX release enhances DSP Group's continued effort to provide its DSP SmartCores™ customers with cutting- edge development tools," stated Eyal Ben-Avraham, Vice President of Development Tools and SW Support at DSP Group. "Working with small, fast and multi-tasking real- time operating systems is a crucial requirement for the development of complex Teak-based products".

The CMX-RTX Real- Time Operating System (RTOS) provides application developers with more than 70 kernel services within a single API. It features the powerful CMX Function library, which gives users the ability to control tasks, events, messages, resources, cyclic timers, semaphores, queues, and fixed memory blocks. The RTOS is actually preemptive, allowing developers to schedule runable higher priority tasks, to preempt lower priority tasks and, if desired, to use both cooperative and time-slice scheduling. The RTOS also lets interrupts call CMX functions, which could trigger an immediate task switch - a very powerful feature. The scheduler and interrupt handler are written in assembly code, delivering speed and performance optimization. CMX-RTX is known as the commercial RTOS with the smallest footprint, the fastest context switch times and the lowest interrupt latency periods. It is distributed via a one-time license fee, not requiring payment of royalties on deployed products. The RTOS also includes the complete source code.

The Teak DSP Core is a member of the TeakDSPCore family. Teak is a dual MAC 16-bit fixed-point licensable DSP with excellent code compactness. It is aimed at high performance applications such as cellular 3G, fast modems and VoIP Gateways. It provides an ideal solution for low-power, speech and audio processing, wireless communication, modems, advanced telecommunication systems, disk drive controllers and various embedded control applications. The Teak DSP Core is binary backward code -compatible with the industry standard OakDSPCore from DSP Group. In order to meet various application requirements, the core has an improved set of digital signal processing and general microprocessor functions. The core is designed as a soft core and in a single- edge clocking system, which allows the use of full or partial scan-testing methodologies. The core supports emulation, debugging and testing via JTAG.

About CMX Systems

Since its inception in 1990, CMX Systems, Inc. has focused on providing its customers with all of the tools needed to program their embedded applications. The company's core business is to develop and support real-time multi-tasking operating systems (RTOS) for a wide variety of 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit microcomputers, microprocessors, and digital signal processors. The company's CMX-RTX real-time Multi-Tasking Operating System supports more than 35 processor families and over 30 C-compiler vendors. CMX also develops and supports products that enhance the user's ability to create, test and debug application code, including CMXKAware™, CMXBug™, and CMXTracker™. CMX TCP/IP™ a ROM-able, full-featured TCP/IP stack for 16- and 32-bit processors is also sold by the company. CMX recently released CMX-MicroNet, which is a unique TCP/IP stack that is targeted for 8-bit processor target platforms. In addition to developing RTOS', debugging tools, and networking software, CMX also distributes a wide variety of C tools including compilers, assemblers, linkers, librarians, simulators and ROM debuggers from many well-known manufacturers. For more information, please visit CMX Systems' website at

About DSP Group, Inc.

DSP Group, Inc., is a global leader in the development and marketing of high-performance, cost-effective, licensable digital signal processing cores. The company's family of DSP cores provides ideal solutions for low-power cost-driven applications such as cellular, broadband communication, VoIP, multimedia, advanced telecommunication systems, disk drive controllers and many other types of embedded control applications. By combining its DSP core technologies with its proprietary advanced speech-processing algorithms, DSP Group also delivers a wide range of enabling, application-specific ICs for full-featured integrated telephony products and digital cordless applications. DSP Group, Inc. maintains an international presence with offices located around the globe. Additional information is available on the World Wide Web at:

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