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AXYS and DSP Group Announce the Integration of the Phase-Accurate SuperSim OakDSPCore Model in Major Hardware/Software Co-Verification Tools

Jun 1, 2000

SuperSim™ OakDSPCore® Model now available in Mentor Graphics' Seamless-CVE™, Cadence Design's Affirma™ HW/SW Verifier and Yokogawa's VirtualICE™

Irvine, Calif., -- June 1, 2000 -- AXYS Design Automation, Inc., based in Irvine, Calif. and DSP Group, Inc., the leading development and licensing company of digital signal processors, announced today that the three leading Electronic Design Automation (EDA) companies have successfully certified AXYS' new phase-accurate SuperSim hardware/software (HW/SW) co-verification model for the popular OakDSPCore DSP from DSP Group Inc. and have included AXYS' model in their libraries of supported processor models. The SuperSim OakDSPCore model is now available in Mentor Graphics' Seamless-CVE HW/SW co-verification tool, Cadence Design Systems' Affirma HW/SW Verifier and Yokogawa Electric Corporation's VirtualICE tool.

With the speed of 300,000 cycles per second on a 500 MIPS host, the new phase-accurate SuperSim C/C++ model offers a significant speed-up over the standard register transfer level (RTL) model, with full phase-level and pin accuracy, as well as complete software debugging support. The instruction-accurate version of the new AXYS model reaches 2-2.5 MIPS. Both models are successfully verified for full timing and functional equivalence against DSP Group's HW reference model on the accompanying test suites.

"With the successful certification and integration of the SuperSim OakDSPCore model in the industry's leading HW/SW co-verification tools, AXYS has clearly shown that the AXYS' concept of intellectual property (IP) communication over fast and accurate IP models works very well in practice and is highly beneficial for IP providers, EDA companies and system houses. DSP Group's licensees can now find the same phase-accurate OakDSPCore model developed using the SuperSim simulation technology in all their favorite HW/SW co-development environments and take full advantage of the benefits of high-speed simulation in designing complex systems-on-chip," said AXYS' President and CEO, Vojin Zivojnovic.

OakDSPCore is a 16-bit fixed-point general purpose low-power, low-voltage and high speed licensable Digital Signal Processing (DSP) core designed for speech/audio processing, telecommunications, digital cellular, and embedded control applications. Among the applications supported by OakDSPCore, the second generation of SmartCores™ family, are cellular telephones, facsimile machines, modems and hard disk drives.

"We are very pleased with our partnership with AXYS and the excellent results they have achieved in making their high-performance SuperSim model of our OakDSPCore processor available to our licensees across the major HW/SW co-verification tools," said DSP Group's VP of Marketing and Business Development, Bat-Sheva Ovadia.

The new OakDSPCore model is immediately available through Mentor Graphics' and Yokogawa's sales and marketing channels, or directly from AXYS for Cadence Design's Affirma tool.

Please visit AXYS at the Design Automation Conference 2000 in the Los Angeles Convention Center, June 5-7, 2000 (Booth # 3767).

About AXYS

AXYS Design Automation, Inc. is the leading independent supplier of high performance digital signal and embedded processor models, as well as modeling tools to the embedded systems market. AXYS' electronic design automation software and services help the major semiconductor companies and system houses to efficiently specify, design, develop, test, protect and exchange "above-RTL" models of their intellectual property. The SuperSim™ model portfolio of AXYS includes processors of Conexant Systems, DSP Group, Infineon Technologies and LSI Logic. For more information, visit AXYS web site at

About DSP Group, Inc.

DSP Group, Inc. is the global leader in the development and marketing of high-performance, cost-effective, licensable digital signal processing cores. The company's family of DSP cores provide ideal solutions for low-power speech and audio processing, wireless communication technologies such as 3G, GSM and CDMA, broadband modems, multimedia, advanced telecommunication systems, disk drive controllers and many other types of embedded control applications. By combining its DSP core technologies with its proprietary, advanced speech-processing algorithms – DSP Group also delivers a wide range of enabling, application specific ICs for full-featured integrated telephony products and applications, including digital spread spectrum wireless technologies. DSP Group, Inc. maintains an international presence with offices located around the globe. For more information visit DSP Group's web site at

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