Where is DSP Group's corporate headquarters?
DSP Group’s US Headquarters is located at 161 S San Antonio Rd, suite 10, Los Altos, CA 94022

The Israel Headquarter is located at 5 Shenkar Street, Herzeliya 46120.
Where is the company incorporated?
DSP Group was incorporated in Delaware on September 23, 1993.
When did DSP Group go public? What was the price?
The company went public on February 11, 1994 at a price of $14.00 per share.
What is DSP Group’s fiscal year?
Fiscal year ends December 31. Quarters end March 31, June 30 and September 30.
How is DSP Group stock traded?
DSP Group common stock is traded on the NASDAQ national market under ticker symbol DSPG.
Where is the company’s Corporate Governance information available?
DSP Group’s corporate governance can be access through our website link to Corporate Governance.
Does DSP Group pay dividends?
When were DSP Group's stock splits?
DSP Group announced a 2-for-1 stock split to its shareholders of record on March 2, 2000.
Who is DSP Group's transfer agent?
DSP Group’s transfer agent is:
American Stock Transfer and Trust Company
59 Maiden Lane
New York, NY 10038
Whom do I contact with questions about my stock?
Please contact IR@dspg.com for any questions in regards to stock and Investor Relations.
How do I transfer stock, change the address on my shareholder account, or replace a lost stock certificate?
To make any changes to your shareholder account, please contact your transfer agent directly.
Does DSP Group have a direct stock purchase plan?
At this time DSP Group does not have a direct stock purchase plan. DSP Group common stock can be bought through a stockbroker, bank, or generally through a financial institution that provides broker services.
Who is DSP Group's auditor?
DSP Group’s auditor is:
Kost, Forer & Gabbay
(A member of Ernst & Young Global)
Tel Aviv, Israel
Who is DSP Group's legal counsel?
Morrison & Foerster LLP
San Francisco, CA
How many employees does DSP Group have?
As of December 2013, the company employs 297 employees.
Which companies has DSP Group acquired?

The following companies were acquired by DSP Group:

  • Bone-Tone acquired on December 2011, specializes in intelligent voice enhancement and noise elimination
  • NXP’s cordless and VoIP business acquired on May 2007
  • Bermai Inc acquired on October 2004, specializes in advanced WiFi technology
  • Teleman Multimedia acquired on April 2003, specializes in multimedia technology
  • VoicePump Inc. acquired on October 1999, specializes in VoIP
Where can I get the latest corporate news releases and financial reports?
See the News and financial reports link to News.
How can I view documents DSP Group has filed with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), including Forms 10-K and 10-Q?
See the SEC Filing.
Who makes up the DSP Group Executive Management team and Board of Directors?
How can I access your corporate updates, reports and news? Is there a way to receive instant updates regarding the date and times of these events?
To receive updates on SEC filing, press releases and events, please sign up directly to our online email alert service.
When is your next earnings release scheduled? How can I receive email updates for this information?
Our next earnings release will take place on April 30th. To receive email updates, please sign up on our online email alert service.
What Analyst track DSP Group at this current time?

Here are the list of firms and analysts who are currently covering DSP Group:

Firm Name Analyst Name
Dougherty & Company LLC Charlie Anderson
How can I obtain a copy of your annual report and proxy?
To obtain a copy of DSP Group’s annual report and proxy, please send your request to IR@dspg.com.
When and where will DSP Group’s hold its next annual meeting?
The annual meeting of stockholders will be held on June 9th, 2014 at 8:30am local time
Location: Intercontinental New York Barclay, 111 East 48th Street, New York, NY 10017